Thankful in Capri

What are you grateful for?

In October, 2015 I had the good fortune of visiting Italy for the first time. Although the forecast had warned against the likelihood of sunshine, we were blessed with one perfect day: The day we visited Capri.

For 17€ we caught a 20 minute ferry to the island from Sorrento, the neighbouring city in which we had been staying.

Once on land we stood staring at the beautiful landscape: we were dumbstruck. The sun shone warmly for the first time in days, the hills were littered with quaint, colourful buildings, and the water sparkled the clearest blue I had ever seen. Eventually we shook it off and set about our task of finding a boat to tour us around the island.

It didn’t take long for word to spread that the Blue Grotto was closed due to the high water levels. Without the need for a chartered company the local independent cruises became a lot more enticing. We decided to take Vittorio up on his offer, found a place to store our backpacks and headed to the docks.

The next two hours were bliss. We explored the many nooks around the island and listened intently as Vittorio proudly detailed various facts about his home, the island of Capri.

We gave thanks and bid our new friend adieu. With smiles plastered to our faces and the warmth of the sun on our backs we spent the remaining daylight hours exploring the island by foot.

Although it is never easy to be apart from family during the holidays, I will never forget Thanksgiving 2015: The day I spent being thankful in Capri.

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