Sant Magí[c]

A spur of the moment weekend-trip to Tarragona, Spain couldn’t have gone better if we had planned it.

Tarragona is a small town in Catalunya that is easily accessible by train. We arrived on a sunny afternoon in August after taking an enjoyable hour and twenty-minute Renfe train from Barcelona. The normally quiet city was buzzing and we weren’t sure why.

After settling in to our AirBNB accommodation we grabbed our map and took to the streets.

With our bellies filled with [the best] churros [EVER] and the heat of the Spanish sun upon us I figured that the day was as pleasant as it could be: I was wrong! As we made our way off the Rambla Nova we stumbled into Plaça dels Natzarens. A band played, people drank, danced, sang and encouraged us to do the same.

We danced with locals, drank a canya and continued our adventures around town.

Eventually we made our way to the sea to take in the view as well as the city’s Amphitheater.

After short walk and a shorter wait we were greeted by a parade of dancing giants and fire breathing dragons. It was the city’s second largest festival: Sant Magí.

The crowd intensified and it was time for the main event: Castellers. Castells are human towers traditionally built during festivals within Catalonia. It was my first time seeing castellers and I will never forget the first tower of the day. It began to rain gently as the team members worked in unison to reach incredible heights. The higher the tower grew, the smaller and younger the castellers became. As the final and youngest casteller began her ascension of the tower the skies opened and the rain began to fall in sheets. By the time the young girl reached the top everyone was wet but the team did not falter. A professional dismount as a rainbow shone from behind us.

Night fell and parades could still be seen marching down various streets. Fiestas held dancers in squares around the city. The music could be heard until the hours that preceded sunrise. Sant Magí was magical.

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