It’s happening: We’re really moving!

A life of saving and day dreaming has cultivated a new reality for me. I often think how there were two moments where the reality of my trip really hit me: The first was waiting to board our delayed flight from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. The second was settling into a taxi in Barcelona's bustling Plaza Catalunya.

These moments of intensity and exhilaration stand in the forefront of my memories but they don’t exist in solitary. Life abroad feels much the same as life in Canada. I am still me in principles, pastimes and interests. What is different about living abroad are the feelings of awe and disbelief that wash over me on a daily basis. My trip is finite: every moment feels like a blessing because I know it will soon be over.

Every day we each make choices on how to live, what to do and in which light to view the world around us. I have the good fortune to live the life I choose for myself. Every day I must actively pursue the existence I wish to have. Every day should be a day of awe and appreciation. Every day I want to think “It’s happening, I’m really here!” – Even when my 365 days abroad have come to an end.

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